About Us

Heavenly Essence Aroma's Ltd is a small friendly family run holistic Company that produces stress reducing Aromatherapy Products. We were founded in 2009 after recognising a strong need for stress reducing products within a family environment, not just for adults but for children too. We have experienced first hand just how difficult it is to try and find some balance whilst dealing with all the stresses and strains of working and raising a family, it is NOT an easy task.

These days the pressure and anxiety caused from over work and lack of sleep can really take its toll on any family and running our own business our family experienced this first hand, that's why we first used our products on our own family and friends with great results, we were constantly asked to make them available to other people by selling them and so with the demand so high we then decided to make them available to and share them with the wider world, our ongoing goal is to help create a stress free balanced family life for other families.

We hope that with help from our lovely aromatherapy relaxation products you will be able to enjoy a more balanced relaxed existence, we hope you will enjoy using them and benefit from the calming effects they will have on your life and those of your family, spread the word, helping others find calm and relaxation in their day is something that we all deserve.