About Us

Hello and a warm welcome to our lovely website.

We here at Heavenly Essence Aromas are a family run Holistic Aromatherapy Company founded in 2009 to produce Stress Reducing Aromatherapy Products specifically with you in mind..

We sell Nationally and Internationally but we are a UK based company and we produce all our lovely products within the UK.
We use only the finest quality ingredients from ethical and reputable well established company's and we are totally cruelty free. We have over 20 years experience in the Holistic & Wellbeing Industry, after so many years of treating people on a daily basis and watching the effects stress was having on their lives, we decided to form a company that would help to minimise these effects before it reached the stage where stress could create physical, emotional or mental illness.

Anxiety caused from work, lack of sleep and every day stress is a very real problem, its no wonder we have seen a marked increase in mental and emotional health problems across all ages.

We hope that with help from our lovely range of relaxation and stress reducing products you will be able to enjoy a more balanced calm relaxed existence, we know you will enjoy using them and benefit from the calming effects they will have on your life and those of your family.

Spread the word, Be Kind and help others find calm and relaxation in their day, it's a good thing and something that we all deserve, especially in these uncertain times.

Stay Well - Stay Safe - Stay Calm