Mini Sleep Set


Calms the mind and soothes the emotions

Designed specifically to help reduce anxiety and stress and help you wind down before bed, easing you into a deeply comfortable restful nights sleep

Is made with the finest organic essential oils

Is never ever tested on animals and is cruelty free.

This Lovely Mini Sleep set is a godsend on days or evenings when you need something to help you relax quickly, it is the perfect size to keep on your person or use when travelling for work pleasure or business, its handy size makes it discreet and accessible, perfect to help you induce a lovely feeling of calm and relaxation.

The 1 1x Pillow Mist can be used to spray on your pillow before bedtime, just 1 or 2 sprays, or on your sleeve or in the air around you during the day.

The 1x1 Pulse Point can be used on the temples, wrists and behind the ears to help you relax either at night before bed or in the daytime.

The 1 x Essential Oils can be used by adding 4 or 5 drops to your bath or a diffuser.